Friday, November 15, 2013

Black Oak Casino Grab for Cash

I am very excited to share that we were able to snatch up $1700 last night at the Black Oak Casino's annual Community Grab for Cash. It was a fun event and there were quite a few different organizations who were able to walk away with great donations, all right around the same amount as we got.
I must say, it is much harder than it looks. It looks so easy, just grab the money and stuff it in your shirt. Well, it's moving really fast and you only get 30 seconds. And it's the fastest 30 seconds of your life. I stood there swatting at money for a good ten seconds before I realized my tactic wasn't working and opted for something else, which worked well.
Thank you again to Black Oak Casino for such a wonderful night and such generosity.

Remember, we have a new website. Go check it out.

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